How to WhatsApp chat transfer and migration from iPhone to Android


The conversations on WhatsApp, which is on everyone’s smartphone, are precious for most of us. On the other hand, transferring these conversations from iPhone to Android is still not an easy process. For this we need three pieces of software

Although the first two software are free, Wazzap Migrator is a paid software. A spending of 12 TL on Google Play for your personal data will not shake your budget.

We transfer WhatsApp conversations from iOS to Android step by step:

  1. Download, install and run iTunes.
  2. Start a backup without encrypting the data:

itunes yedekleme 1536x1013 1

      3. Download, install and run iBackup Viewer .

      4.When the program runs, you will see the backups you have made with iTunes. Select the backup for your device.

ibackup viewer

      5. Enter RAW Files from the software interface:

raw files

      6. In the section that opens, find the entry

      7. Then select the ChatStorage.sqlite file from the right side.

whatsapp chat 1536x897 1

      8. Go to the Export section at the top right of the software and click “Selected…” to export the selected file.

      9. Save the file to your front PC.

Note: This process only backs up WhatsApp conversations. To also back up other content such as photos and videos:

  • First, switch from list view to your folder view. For this, use the Tree View button to the left of the Export button in the upper right.
  • Now open the Appdomain-net.whatsapp.whatsapp entry on the left  and select the Library folder.
  • Select the Media folder on the right.
  • You can also save the media content to your computer by saying Export > Selected.

whatsapp foto yedekleme 1536x921 1

Transfer WhatsApp conversations to Android :

  1. Copy the ChatStorage.sqlite file you backed up to your computer to  your Android device.
  2. You can also copy the Media folder to the WazzapMigrator folder on your Android device to transfer their photos as well . If this folder does not exist, create it manually.
  3. Buy and run Wazzap Migrator.
  4. The software will automatically  find the ChatStorage.sqlite file.
  5. When you press the Play button, all your data will be transferred to Android WhatsApp. At the end of the process, say OK to the question of converting the storage file.

wazzap migrator

One last step is required at this stage: restoring from a local backup.

  1. First, go to .
  2. Click the cog on the right and go to Settings.
  3. From here, say Manage Applications.
  4. Find WhatsApp Messenger at the bottom and choose Options and say “Disconnect Google drive”.


whatsapp drive senkronizasyonu

      5. Say disconnect again from the pop-up window.

Restoring backups

At the last stage, we need to restore the backup inside Android. For this, we delete and reinstall WhatsApp.

  1. After you pass the confirmation screen on the first run, the software will automatically detect the backup on your phone.

whatsapp yedekleme

      2. Import the data by clicking Restore.

      3. When the process is finished, just say Next.

      Finally, it is useful to turn Google Drive backup back on. To do this, click Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > Google Drive settings > Back up to Google Drive. You can then choose the option to take a daily or weekly backup. After selecting your Google account and giving the necessary permissions, your WhatsApp conversations will be backed up regularly.

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