Scope and Interest
1. Social sciences include sociology, demography, education, anthropology, social psychology, social problems, social sciences, social development, local wisdom, political science, public administration, law, interdisciplinary science and other related sciences.
2. Humanities consists of language, literature, arts, culture, communication science, and other related sciences.
3. Business administration and economics consist of business administration, economics, commerce, accounting, finance, tourism and hotel, logistic management, and other related fields.
4. Health science consists of medical science, environmental science, public health, and other related sciences.
5. Computer science and technology consist of information technology, digital technology, and other related sciences.
6. Innovation, invention and creative works include innovation, invention, prototype projects, digital media, mixed media, games and photos.
Duration for submitting research articles, academic articles, innovation, invention and creative works
1. Early bird register to submit research articles, academic articles, innovation, invention and creative works 15 April – 31 August 2021
2. Regular register to submit research articles, academic articles, innovation, invention and regular creative works 1 September– 15 October 2021
3. Last day for article submission 15 October 2021
4. Last day for submission of the full text revised on the advice of peer reviewers 15 November 2021
5. Announcement of a result of the consideration of the articles with an order of presentation 20 November 2021
6. Presenter uploads a Microsoft PowerPoint file (Present up to 10 minutes) to the Google Drive 23 November 2021
7. National and International Academic Conference Day 26 November 2021


Registration period for those who do not make presentation
1. Register to participate in the event 16 June – 15 November, 2021
2. The last day for registration 15 November 2021

* Rajapruk University reserves the right to not accept the onsite registration *


Registration Fee

Presenter type

Pre -registration

Regular registration

1.  Presenter of international article 

1.1 Presenters in Network Institutions

130 USD

180 USD

1.2 General Presenters

150 USD

200 USD

2. Presenter of national article
2.1 Lecturers in the network institutes

2,500 bah

3,000 baht

2.2 General presenters

3,000 baht

3,500 baht

2.3 Students, all institutions

2,000 baht

2,500 baht

3. Presenter for innovation, invention and creative works
3.1 Instructors in a network institute

1,500 baht per piece

1,700 baht per piece

3.2 General presenter

1,800 baht per piece

2,000 baht per piece.

3.3 Students of all institutions

1,000 baht per piece

1,200 baht per piece.

3.4 Students below the tertiary level

300 baht per piece

500 baht per piece

* The registration fee that has been paid, will not be refunded in any case *
* Registration fee includes proceedings in flash drive, coffee-break, and lunch *
* Attendees without presenting any works, free of charge *



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Name of the Account

Rajapruk University Research Fund

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